Dr. Leslie is not accepting new patients.
Dr. Leslie Faerstein

Dr. Leslie Faerstein

Not accepting new patients
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
Eating Patterns Or Disorders
Body Image

About Dr. Leslie

These have been tough times. Tough years. With the seismic changes we’ve experienced, you may recognize that now is the time to work with a professional. We can help you make changes to live a happier and more peaceful life, to understand what brought you here and how you can create what you want going forward. I have been a practicing psychotherapist for fifty years. Over those years, I have experienced ups and downs in my life and career but what I most cherish is all that I have learned...

Insurances accepted:

  • Aetna
  • Aetna International
  • Aetna Student Health
  • All Savers
  • Allied
  • Golden Rule
  • Harvard Pilgrim Health Care
  • Humana
  • Meritian Health
  • Optum Health
  • Trustmark
  • UMR
  • United Health Care Shared Services
  • United Healthcare
  • United Healthcare Oxford
  • United Healthcare Student-Resources

If paying out of pocket:

Individual therapy: $100 to $200Group therapy: $150 to $250(Includes couples therapy, family therapy and parenting support)
Questions about therapy?

Reach out to our care team.

care@resiliencelab.us(833) 775-6252