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Mandolin Moody

Mandolin Moody

Therapist, LMSW
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About Mandolin

Ever feel like you're just going through the motions, detached from the people and moments that used to matter? You’d be surprised how common this feeling of disconnection really is. As a therapist, I specialize in bridging the disconnect many of us feel. My goal is to help you find that sense of connection and purpose that may seem out of reach right now. During our sessions, I strive to help you feel closer to yourself and those around you. Whether it's personal struggles, relationship challenges, or the overwhelming noise of daily life, I’m here to support you. With a foundation in cognitive behavioral therapy and a mix of effective techniques, I offer tangible ways to reconnect with your authentic self, your loved ones, and your environment. I believe that as social beings, we are made to connect - with ourselves, with our peers, and with our worlds around us. Let's work together towards a life where you're fully engaged, understood, and connected. Whether you're new to therapy or if you've been before – you'll find a welcoming space here for growth and understanding.

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