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Michelle Julian

Michelle Julian

Therapist, LSW
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Emerging Adulthood
Life Coaching

About Michelle

Burnout can sneak up on you—especially when you’re navigating major life changes. Transitions like moving, changing careers, or starting a new relationship often represent the beginning of a new chapter. However, these periods often take you out of the routines keeping you grounded, which can cause you to feel overwhelmed, untethered, or unsure of your purpose. I work with people experiencing life transitions and burnout. Many of my clients are caretakers, social workers, and people in helping professions, so a big part of my practice emphasizes setting boundaries to protect your mental wellbeing and be able to show up fully for others. I also work with student athletes to find balance and manage the pressures of keeping up with their sports. If you’re feeling stressed and anxious in the middle of a big life change, we’ll collaborate to create new routines and habits to prevent—and recover from—burnout. Together, we’ll unpack the patterns of thought, behavior, and emotions that contribute to feelings like stress so we can create new, healthy coping strategies that empower you to become your best self. As a result of working with me, you’ll be able to recenter and find calm in the midst of change.

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