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Selina Oquendo

Selina Oquendo

Therapist, MHC-LP
Virtual sessions
Emerging Adulthood
Adjustment Difficulties
Transition To Motherhood

About Selina

Life can sometimes feel relentless, and we all need that safe place to recharge and refocus. My journey through personal mental health challenges has given me the understanding and passion to be that space for others. Your story, emotions, and struggles deserve a compassionate listener, and I’m here to be that for you. With a rich background spanning play therapy with children, support for homeless youth, and one-on-one sessions with emerging adults and the elderly, I tailor my approach to meet you where you are. You’ll be embraced by warmth and validation. Together, we unpack your burdens and replace them with peace and reflection. As we sift through life's confusions, I offer tools and insights to guide you towards clarity, grounding, and a deeper understanding of yourself and your situations. You deserve a safe harbor amidst the chaos of life. I'm here, waiting with an open heart and a keen ear. Let's make therapy your sanctuary of clarity and growth.

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